Chris Carrier – True Step Locomotion

Chris Carrier

I’ve been spinning Chris Carrier wax since I grabbed his Saudade EP on Robsoul back in 2007 – an all-time favourite Deep/Tech House record that’s had countless plays. More great outings on Robsoul, Detour and Brique Rouge from this French producer and now we arrive at his album for 2014 ‘True Step Locomotion‘ which is out now on double 12″ vinyl via SlapFunk

The first of these 11 cuts is the atmospheric environmental field recordings of ‘Apple Fried‘ which really sets the tone nicely. You’d be forgiven for thinking Carrier is about to carefully weave a subdued tapestry of sound art but that’s a little wrong. The twisted minimal jazz of ‘Pink Planet‘ is just brilliant before the jacking beats of ‘Infected File‘ get things moving. More tougher cuts follow, starting with the bouncy ‘Side Change‘ and then the percussive techiness of ‘Prohibited Area‘.

The mid-point of this album is presented with the field recordings and looping bell chimes of ‘Fukushima My Love‘. If you listen to this record in sequence as an album then you’ll note at this point how Carrier can hold your interest and this continues as he introduces the Hip-Hop breakbeats of ‘10 Steps Over‘. The bass influence in ‘Humain Transfer‘ is yet another welcome twist and this one will get a lot of airplay in the clubs I’m sure. ‘Art Institution‘ continues the heavier feel to the latter stages of True Step Locomotion with the subtlest notes of Acid Techno before penultimate track ‘Lion Zebra‘ follows with rim shots, reverb drenched effects and messed up synths. The record closes with jacking workout ‘Five Os‘ which can be filed under Tech House with its emphasis on rhythm and percussion. Plenty of strange sounds to keep your interest, which pretty much sums up this truly excellent record. Highly recommended

To check it out, click the image above or HERE