Tom Mosler – Recall


We’ve been meaning to post up for a while about the latest release on Deep House/Techno label Warehouse Decay. Now hitting its 12th release with UK based Polish producer Tom Mosler‘s ‘Patterns‘, WDR has perhaps received more attention for its Techno based output with support not limited to regular plays on the Amazing Radio show Amazing Beats.

‘Patterns’ is essentially minimal/Tech House music but there’s plenty to keep things from being too predictable, with some traces of Dub Techno and Lo Fi electronica keeping it interesting. The dubby ‘Instant‘ will grab you right away with panning synth hooks and hi hats saturated with distortion before things really get kicking after the breakdown. ‘Patterns‘ follows and is possibly the pick of this bunch with a lovely bassline. The record closes with title track ‘Recall‘ which begin with a drum pulse which gives way to open hats and eventually dub techno chord stabs.

You can check out the EP by hitting play above or by clicking HERE