Wax crate 001

Every now and again we shell out on a bit of vinyl, usually from the Deep House and Techno scene. So we have decided that when we do, we’ll put together a post rounding up our selections. So without further hesitation, here is the very first edition of ‘wax crate’.

Just click on the picture to be redirected to the relevant Juno page where you’ll be able to check out samples and purchase, if it’s still in stock!

2 Bit Crew2 BIT CREW – UNTITLED ep [Deso]
Danish artists 2 Bit Crew has been serving up Deep, Garage infected House cuts for a few years now and each EP is getting better. This latest outing came out this week on the Deso imprint which has provided material from the likes of Deymare, Desos, Michael McLardy and Washerman. 2 Bit Crew themselves have had a few records out, sharing EPs with artists such as Montel, Shane Linehan and Volta Cab.
This nameless EP keeps things seriously deep with jacked out garage beats and moody keys. There’s certainly that nineties groove present throughout but it keeps all the good references from the decade, without getting tedious like much of the ‘nineties copycat’ stuff coming out right now. Opening track ‘Hilton‘ is pick of the bunch, nice and deep with a bouncy groove. HMW is more chilled whilst I Like It will probably get more plays on the dancefloor.

Max GraefMAX GRAEF – THE LOVE TAPES [Melbourne Deepcast]
Smooth summer deepness from Berliner Max Graef on Australian label Melbourne Deepcast. Graef has cropped up on Tartelet, Love Fever and The Gym and we particularly enjoyed his collaboration with Andy Hart – ‘Heavy Setters‘. The Love Tapes is in actual fact a repress from the same label in 2013 – presumably down to support and demand. At the bottom of the Juno release page for this record it appears that everyone and their dog has been spinning this record – and it’ll be easy to hear why.
Pedro‘ opens up with an early doors groove – rhodes, slap bass and subtle disco vocals. ‘A Tale Of Love‘ is a little more basement, with dirtier bass and more sinister keys. ‘As If‘ will get some hammering too – a nice deep groove that will work early on or later when pitched up a little. Then the EP closes with the slower dubby disco of ‘Jacksonville‘ which sounds lovely in the breakdown when the vocals and dub guitar come in.

Steve Frisco‘s name seems to be cropping up a fair bit this year with a few split EP appearances. At last we have a generous 6 track EP from him on the consistently excellent French label Wax Classic. The cuts begin with ‘Yes I Do‘ which will take you way back. ‘Da Brooklyn Beat‘ follows with a similar styled bassline and seriously deep keys. ‘Good Thing‘ brings more excellent bass an then some pretty tough detroit Techno style keys. ‘Can Wait‘ is next with seriously moody chord sweeps – and that bass sound yet again which is very effective when the keys are dubbed up a bit. This is possibly the stand out track but it’s a tough call! Title track ‘Adventures In Lo-Fi‘ is the penultimate track and is more subdued in stature although I have a feeling this one will come to be the favourite in time. ‘Deep In‘ rounds things off – dusty chopped up synth and simple bobbles of bassline. Solid EP from Steve Frisco.