Fabel – Sinestesia


January is barely over and we’ve already stumbled across a real gem for 2015 in the form of Fabel‘s ‘Sinesthesia‘ out now on What Records.
The 8 tracks traverse glitch, jazz, electro acoustic, funk and Ambient sounds with a ton of material and variation for you to get your ears around. There’s the ultra jazzy ‘Where’s Mo‘, the beautiful ‘Colapso‘ to name but two stand out pieces, not to mention ‘Here Once Stood Elms‘ which reminds us a little of the sort of thing Gentleman Losers might have created which can never be a bad thing…

To check it out click the image above or HERE

The Fabel sound is constantly morphing through stages. From the warmth and familiarity of a “wish you were here” family photo to the depths of an icy dubbed out dream were the lines are constantly blurring. Fabel’s latest album, Sinestesia takes you through the spectrum of his sonic world. Hailing from Barcelona Spain, Fabel is a sonic storyteller and multiinstrumentalist, as prolific on the keys as he is on the bass. Sinestesia is full of Fabel’s signature electric piano solos and his complex baselines of labyrinth style funk. His production is a true fusion of raw live sound with modern detailed digital synth and percussion. Accompanying Fabel on a few tracks is the lovely finesse of Dutch Harpist Anne Vanschothorst and the Bluesy Guitar of Barcelona’s Ian Currie. Both are musicians Fabel has been jamming with over the last years, with many of those improvised elements have woven their way into the album. On songs like the majestic “Here once stood Elms” and spell bound down beat of “Where’s Mo”. Sinestesia has many faces but there is logic to the journey, the listener is encapsulated in the mood bluesy atmosphere, leading you down a winding road of crafted electronica and around each bend to melancholy depths and ethereal highs.