James Murray – Loss

After following the emergence of this quality French label for much of last year, run by Monolyth & Cobalt, we’re delighted to see there’s a new Eilean release out already to kick off 2015. This one’s courtesy of British composer James Murray; ‘Loss‘ is a slow and brooding listen which particularly rewards those who listen with headphones in a quiet room. The physical edition has almost sold out and features the work of painter Sue Williams A’Court.

To check it out press play above or click HERE to visit the release page.

Loss is as much about having as it is about losing. Its slow-burning arc charts finding, loving, losing and grieving with quiet dignity. Calm and reflective, crushing and relentless: it’s an immersion in the wide and wild landscape of the soul.

The album was improvised live using four pieces of equipment: Roland D-110, TC Electronic G-Sharp, Zoom RFX- 2000 and Korg MicroKontrol. Keys were trapped not played and performances were made on the FX units in real-time. First takes only, no further editing.

James Murray is a self-taught composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has over the last decade worked with pioneering labels in the UK, Europe, the US and Japan. His Slowcraft Records released the acclaimed Floods trilogy and he is known for a delicate, subtle sound underpinned by a disciplined, conceptual approach to composition.

Sue Williams A’Court is a contemporary painter living and working in London. She has recently been shortlisted for The Threadneedle Art Prize 2014.