Spheruleus – Chronota

Our first post of the year then, and we get things moving again then with the return of Spheruleus in what is promised to be a bumper year for this artist. ‘Chronota‘ is a digital album available exclusively from the Spheruleus Bandcamp page and is a culmination of several years careful work gathering and composing sounds. The material is largely drone based but through the use of acoustic instrument sources it retains warmth, melody and texture.

You can check out Chronota by hitting play above or clicking HERE

After a productive 2010 I decided to start 2011 with a project which I intended to work on very slowly. I had no idea at the time that this would end up being four years. The initial recordings took the shape of warm textured loops that I couldn’t ignore but yet couldn’t quite harness or sculpt them into a full body of work. I would pick the pieces up every now and then, adding fragments of detail into the soundscapes before putting them down again for a week or so in frustration.

Passages of textured vinyl recordings were sampled and looped over and over, having been captured using a warped 1950s Bush record deck. Radio static experiments joined the works as well as samples of violin, cello and brass. All the while I felt I had something special which I needed to develop further – themes and ideas were developing and then falling apart. Eventually, this process became the eventual theme itself – the difficult to describe phenomena that is an artist’s inspiration; what urges us to record and create.

With this in mind, I stopped wrestling with my struggles to add meaning to this work but allowed this to become the meaning itself. Recording sessions and development became more irregular as I encouraged myself to forget my ideas, discard them, disguise them and allow them to slip away. I challenged myself to see how long I could draw out the production process and today I have decided to call time on this, sharing this work with the world at last.

Along the way so much has changed physically: moving house three times, changing jobs five times, working on three different laptops as well as numerous instruments and equipment breaking. The title, the artwork and the label to eventually release it have all changed back and forth.
Chronota is perhaps best described as an album that embraces change and has allowed changes and chance influences to shape it.