Lucho Ripley – Spirit Of Wonder

The Audio Gourmet netlabel has amassed a discography that is now at 76 free 15 minute EPs and the latest is from Spanish artist Lucho Ripley who has previously released on Symmetrical Records. ‘Spirit Of Wonder’ is a three track EP which features drawn out reverb-drenched guitar of the most beautiful variety. It makes for a deep and lazy listen which will reward repeat plays.

You can check it out by hitting play above or clicking HERE

Lucho Ripley is an artist residing in a small village by the sea in Asturias, North Spain. His debut album Megablast was released on US label Symmetrical Records. Lucho has been playing the guitar since he was 19 and over the years he has developed and honed his technique to what it has become today – a warm bed of reverb-drenched guitar layers. This technique is certainly not something new however in Lucho’s work it is particularly well executed as you’ll hear for yourself.

Influences of The Cocteau Twins, Budd/Eno and Robert Fripp are evident but a keen interest in cinema also shapes the direction of Lucho Ripley’s sound. ‘Spirit Of Wonder’ was created with the intention to ‘polish’ the recordings captured from a Les Paul Gibson and Epiphone Casino with simple effects in a home studio environment.

This 3 track EP captures a spirit of wonder as you listen, the idea behind most Ambient music. There is no pretense or overriding concept behind – just beautiful guitar-led Ambient music executed to a very high standard. The accompanying artwork is an open-source water colour image to reflect the work of J.M.W Turner with the blue tones mirroring that of the sea and sky.