IC015 Irregular Crates Podcast 015

ICP15 Cover with text
Our last podcast was of course a run down of our favourite records from 2014 and what with January tending to be a quiet month for music releases, we’ve been scouring the globe for all sorts of weird and wonderful sounds. In doing so, we’ve struck a particular fondness for Funk, Jazz and African music over the Christmas and New Year period and thought we’d put together a mix of some particularly recommended discoveries.
In doing so, we started to notice regular Facebook streams of Tim Diagram‘s new art project Tropical Gloom, in which Tim has been creating a series of intriguing collages. We’ve been devout followers of Tim’s prolific music career through his Maps and Diagrams, Hessien and Louper projects amongst others. Tim has recently been taking a break and creating some beautiful collages which can be viewed or purchased through his Tropical Gloom channels, linked below.

We decided to invite Tim to create the cover for our latest podcast, explaining the styles of music we were including in this show whilst we continued to build a playlist. The final podcast features a wide range of styles from exotic tropical sounds, jazz classics from the likes of Pharoah Sanders and Eddie Harris as well as Afro and Brazilian rhythms from Bixiga 70, Feqadu Amde-Mesqel and Pyramid Blue. Irregular Crates Podcast number 15 mirrors the warm, colourful artwork of Tropical Gloom perfectly.


What’s more, we were able to press further on Tim’s time with a brief interview…

IC: When did you get the idea for Tropical Gloom and what’s it all about?
TD: I’ve always been into the idea of collage-style artworks and have messed around with them in the past but just for fun, my dad was having a clear out of the loft recently and gave me 100+ issues of an old publication called the “Book of Life” magazine from the 1960’s and they have some amazing photography, images and texts in so I decided to use these as a starting point for the Tropical Gloom project and my collage, mixed-media artworks.

IC: How do you create your work and what is your inspiration?
TD: I’m always looking for ideas that will stand out in artwork, collage is a surreal world where it’s possible to create many situations inside those worlds, I love the roughness of the media. the way it is put-together, I’m inspired by other collage works, old print and artists such as Klimt and his style of work are almost collage-like in style, with modern-symbolism playing a big part.

IC: Are there any plans for the future?

TD: For the moment I’m just enjoying making artworks in my spare time, if I sell any then that’s nice, but for now I’m just seeing how things go.

IC: Where can we find out more? (Links, sites etc)

TD: I’ve got a Tumblr site where most of my collages and work gets posted and a shop on Etsy for selling limited edition giclée prints.

IC: What other projects are you working on? (Music, other etc)
TD: I’ve taken a break from music for a few months, I needed to focus on other things and keep myself entertained in other creative ways!

IC: What have you been listening to lately?
TD: Lots of Krautrock (mostly Cluster etc), a few podcasts and some radio shows 🙂