Juxta Phona – We Will Not Be Silence

A new release constructed by Jason Corder? Always going to hit the spot. Jason’s work has been with me since my late teens since his early netlabel days and every single release just gets better and better. With exquisite ‘Ambient’ material as Offthesky on the likes of Hibernate, Dronarivm and Home Normal, it is with the latter label that Jason has chosen as home for his new project ‘Juxta Phona‘.

We Will Not Be Silence sees Jason pick up his old pastime of creating glitched out semi beat-driven pieces, literally littered with detail upon detail. For me, it straight away recalls one of his earliest works on Thinner – Microcosmos. This is an all-time netlabel classic for me, with Jason using lots of tiny fragments of sound to sculpt a soundtrack which fits loosely into a Deep House framework.
As Juxta Phona, Jason slows down the tempo and makes sure that his curious melodies are the focal point. Often, electronic producers tend to loop their work, over and over – a repetition which has worked in electronic dance music for years. Jason’s sound is hyper intelligent in that it forgoes the temptation to loop that lovely sound over and over and instead, he follows that lovely sound with…another truly lovely sound.
Put this into an album equation and we have a truly mesmerising body of work that has classic written all over it. Regardless of your taste, this record deserves your attention and you’ll be amazed at how it holds it. Again. And again. And again. Highly recommended

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