ICP016 Irregular Crates Podcast 016

We’ve had lots of music to get stuck into so far this year so we thought we’d best put together a podcast made mostly from new and recent releases. The first 30 minutes of this show features mostly Ambient material with excellent recent work from the likes of Danny Clay, Sam Prekop and Juxta Phona as well as the inclusion of a couple of Spheruleus tracks from the recent releases ‘Chronota’ and ‘Peripheres’.

After the first half-hour passes, you’ll notice a shift in mood as the mix delves into Jazz, Folk and Guitar music territory with the inclusion of a couple of older pieces from artists such as Florian Pellissier and Art Pepper. Towards the end a guitar theme is in full swing, with beautiful new work by Sir Richard Bishop. The mix closes with songs by Orillia Opry, Califone and Hedge Schools.

For artwork we’re always messing around with imagery and we decided to try some layered faded images to build a sort of dream-like collage to accompany the show. Enjoy…



01 Danny Clay – Glow iii
02 Sam Prekop – The Republic 9
03 Spheruleus – Ode To Change
04 Lucho Ripley – Las Pianistas
05 Map 165 – It Was The Nightingale
06 Juxta Phona – Alleyway Angelwitch Way
07 Spheruleus – Fimbru
08 Fabel – Colapso
09 Florian Pellissier Quintet – Boussole
10 Nik Bartsch, Kaspar Rast, Bjorn Meyer, Andi Pupato and Sha – Modul 42
11 Aging – Keening and Cryining
12 Art Pepper – These Foolish Things
13 Sir Richard Bishop – Bound In Morocco
14 Damon & Naomi – Towards Tomorrow
15 Orillia Opry – It’s Rare
16 Hedge Schools – Butterfly
17 Califone – We Are A Payphone
18 Widowspeak – Spirit Is Willing
19 Alio Die & Festina Lente – Movimenti Nel Cielo Sotto