Bill Seaman – f (noir)

Eilean Records has quickly established itself as one of the top labels in the modern Ambient music scene with some brilliant curating from Mathias Van Eecloo. Every release seems to get better and better and we were excited to hear that Bill Seaman has put together a record for the label. Some may recall Bill from his gigantic collaboration with Craig Tattersall in Light Folds – which was our favourite record in 2013. Here he presents a body of orchestral library sounds against haunting vocals by Marissa Katarina Bergmann as well as Bill’s own piano composition. As a whole, it is a generous and outstanding piece of work. Our only regret is that we weren’t able to post quickly enough for you to be able to grab a physical copy… The digital copy is reasonably priced however and a must have for any fan of modern classical music.

To check out the release click play above or HERE