Spheruleus – The Lost Gold

Press release

“The beginning of the year marked a promise to both myself and my listeners that there would be more Spheruleus material available than there has in recent years. Already 2015 has yielded ‘Chronota’, available from the Spheruleus Bandcamp page and also the physical album ‘Peripheres’ which was released by French label Eilean.There is much more planned but for now I am glad to announce the release of ‘The Lost Gold’, an EP created using my acoustic instruments rather than the sampling technique used in ‘Peripheres’. It is a return to the roots of Spheruleus, with the lo-fi recording, cutting and re-programming of guitar, zither, harmonica, keyboard and violin teamed with household sound-effects and field recordings.
Throughout The Lost Gold I have strived to create something with as little processing of the sounds as possible – favouring looping and splicing the sounds rather than always drenching them in digital effects.

Opening track ‘A Few Spare Coins’ is almost live, but for a couple of light overdubs – it is influenced by Yuichiro Fujimoto’s The Mountain Record. ‘Through Quiet Streets’ has a more structured melody and includes field recordings taken on the streets of London. ‘Aurum’ is a little more dramatic as strings take centre stage. Closing piece ‘Unearthing’ is a positive but lazy downtempo piece to end with something a bit different and gives a slight nod back to Peripheres.”


released 28 April 2015Written and produced by Harry Towell
Artwork by Harry Towell