Polaroid Notes – Sea Shores

Recently we were alerted to a new edition to the Tessellate Recordings label, which contributes occasional physical releases to the modern Ambient music scene supplemented by its compilation series Earthtones. This latest limited edition CDr run is courtesy of German artist Polaroid Notes, who also put together a free 15 EP for Tessellate’s sister label Audio Gourmet. Sea Shores is a dark and brooding soundtrack to many a sea-adventure and we’re informed that there are a few physical copies remaining at time of writing.

You can check it our by clicking HERE or by pressing play above

Press release:
“Polaroid Notes is an artist born and raised in Munich, Germany and currently residing in the countryside near the Alps. Followers of our sister label Audio Gourmet will recall the artist’s debut EP ‘The Long Bright Dark’ and now we are proud to present the first full length Polaroid Notes album.

‘Sea Shores’ tries to capture the grandeur of the sea, its beauty and the deep unexplored secrets beyond. It reflects the transience of nature and its constant change. Whether it be towering mountains, expansive hot desert or the deep blue sea, the artist is influenced by the majestic width and overwhelming power of nature.
Sea Shores is cinematic in sound, as Polaroid Notes are spun from simple yet effected piano keys with wave upon wave of stark, arresting drones.

For this release, we have put together a limited edition package using retro vinyl-effect CDs with circular sleeves and stunningly minimal artwork by 0 1 0 0 5 2 0. There are just 100 copies available to the world and each copy is supplied with an immediate download which includes bonus black and white photographs for each track, taken by the artist between 1991 and 2015 at various lakes and sea-side locations including:
Bodensee, Chiemsee, Ammersee (all Bavaria/South Germany), Lake Geneva (Switzerland) Mediterranean Sea near Venice and Liguria (Italy) and Andalusia (Spain), Baltic Sea) and North Sea (North Germany), Atlantic Ocean (Bretagne/France)”