David John Sheppard – Vertical Land

David John Sheppard
Village Green have done it to us yet again – another flawless release, this time in the form of Vertical Land by David John Sheppard. The record is inspired by the artist’s travels across mountainous terrain and the awe inspiring feeling that this inevitably creates, as the sprawling and imposing landscape unfolds. Awe is the key word here – and although there is a clear concept that the cover artwork does well to subtly reinforce, it is the sense of awe that just cannot be expressed properly in words or pictures. Instead, Sheppard has woven a series of colourful sound landscapes that do just that – they map the landscape and those racing thoughts perfectly. The sounds are not slow, brooding and foreboding – instead they are fast and dramatic, yet fittingly light. Another brilliant record on Village Green and one which you’ll find yourself settling into as the world passes you by.