Ponty Mython – Mila, It’s Not Over EP

Ponty Mython

 I was rather impressed with Ponty Mython’s EP Smoke On The Water on Eat More House last year but this latest EP on Dirt Crew Recordings somehow manages to go one better. It kicks off with a collaboration with another artist I admire, Sebastien Vorhaus in ‘Face Down’ which starts life as a percussive, minimal acid work out. Before long the deep keys and slap bass roll in as the duo serve up something that hints at the sorts of Detroit sounds you might hear from the likes of Rick Wade. Next track ‘Paulette’ is deep and jackin’, with more percussion and some chilled synths. This is one of my favourite cuts on the record and the reason I hit the purchase button.
Track 3 ‘Narcolepsy’ affirmed my choice was a good one, with a flute loop that turns into madness with yet more lovely deep keys – it recalls some of the early work from Abicah Soul Project that I used to play relentlessly in my DJ days.

The title track ‘Mila, It’s Not Over’ is still deep but a little woozier and with a squelching bassline. The EP rounds off with ‘Apple Arp’ is seriously jackin’ but with warm Ambient pads and that all important arpeggio.

Overall this is a very strong EP from Ponty Mython with as much influence from Techno as Deep House, which makes for a very special record indeed.