FP Oner – 5

FP Oner

There are plenty of Deep House artists out there plugging away and doing great things. Yet you wonder how few of them will be prolific and at a consistently high level, to a point where one day we’ll look back and call them a true master of the genre. Who are the Theo Parrish’s, Rick Wade’s, Larry Heard’s of the future?

One that springs to mind immediately is Fred P, with output under many aliases including his own name and perhaps the more renowned Black Jazz Consortium and now FP Oner. Fred P has dabbled in jazz drenched Deep House music, loud and percussive material and of course, the seriously Deep. Many artists approach a Deep House album with their most established alias and choose to enlist the hired hands of a few vocalists, put together a few tracks of varying styles to try to appeal to as many as possible. This is all very well, but with the lack of a common thread, it won’t stand the test of time as an album – here Fred Peterkin has forged his own path with complete disregard for commercial appeal and it works, incredibly well.

Opening track ‘In The Mist Of Sunrise‘ sets the tone for this beautiful record perfectly, expanding slowly and warmly over 8 meditative minutes. Following is the more percussive ‘Manifestations Taking Place‘ before the more kicking ‘The Art Of Regeneration‘ takes hold. This one seems more beat-oriented to start with, but a lovely warm droning loop of keys spreads itself throughout the last two thirds, rising to a crescendo. The palette is cleansed with latin percussion House beat in ‘The Relm Of Possibility‘ then the Housiest cut ‘The Otherness Dub‘ follows – which will be a delight on the ears if you’ve listened to the record continuously. ‘Platinum Soul‘ is a squelching deep synth atop more rolling latin beats – a stand-out track on ‘5‘. The shortest piece ‘Visions Of You‘ see the return of those Ambient keys which continue on into the Acid House influenced claps of ‘Infinite Love‘. ‘Cycles Of Life‘ is another standout piece, with lovely deep chords that change key up and down. The final track ‘Sleepless In Shibuya‘ concludes in a thoughtful manner, allowing the mind to wander as the beats and percussion are kept to bare minimum. Highly recommended.

To check out a preview of the tracks, click the image above. Unfortunately at the time of writing the LP version has sold out, so it may take some digging for you to find a copy.