ICP017 Irregular Crates Podcast 017

ICP017 cover

It’s been far too long since we put together a podcast on Irregular Crates – way back in February, in fact. So we’ve knocked up around 1 and a half hour’s worth of music which surely has to feature our widest selection of genres yet. There has been a lot of excellent records out this year so we’ve focused mainly on tracks from 2015.

The mix opens out with a track from the recent Spheruleus EP ‘The Lost Gold’ and then a beautiful piece from the latest physical release on Tessellate Recordings, Point Du Raz by Polaroid Notes. On from there you’ll encounter modern classical moments from the likes of Michael Price and William Ryan Fritch before taking a Brazilian and then Jazzy route via Fabiano do Nascimento and The Greg Foat Group respectively. Things start to get lo-fi with Noah, Jay Curry and Pigeondust before a track from Glenn Astro’s Throwback introduces some recent and notable House music. Enjoy…

Artwork by Bethany Towell


Spheruleus – A Few Spare Coins
2. Polaroid Notes – Point Du Raz
3. Michael Price – Little Warm Thing
4. William Ryan Fritch – Cloak
5. Paul De Jong – Debt Free
6. Fabiano Do Nascimento – Canto Do Imanja (ft. Airto Moreira)
7. The Greg Foat Group – Door Into Summer
8. Elintseeker – Letters To Reja
9. Noah – Mood
10. Maalem Mahmoud Guinia & James Holden – Marhaba
11. David John Sheppard – Mountain Time
12. Jay Curry – Like Dimes
13. Pigeondust – Harps
14. TMCT – Generationgap
15. Frits Wentink – Nevertheless
16. Mix Mup – Wellpappe
17. Glenn Astro – Kilometer Disco (ft. Max Graef)
18. Eli Escobar – Get Over
19. Brame & Hamo – Hotshot
20. Fouk – Ken Sent Me
21. Sorin Milea – Ficiunea Nonficiunii
22. Edmondson – Caraiba
23. DWIG – Lost Telegram
24. Ponty Mython – Mila, It’s Not Over!
25. FP Oner – Sleepless In Shibuya