Pigeondust – Moon, Wisdom & Slackness

Today was one of those brilliant days in music, where you stumble across something really quite terrific – and from absolutely nowhere too. Pigeondust is a completely new one on me, as is the label Cold Busted. Pigeonsdust is in fact Japanese producer Yuta Yamaoka and in Moon, Wisdom and Slackness we’ve a generous helping of short, low strung tape-drenched Hip Hop instrumentals. Sure, with the whole 90s and 80s nostalgia going down right now, similar workings are in plentiful supply – this is in no way a criticism, as you just can’t get too much of this stuff in my opinion.

What particularly draws attention in Yamaoka’s work here is the seamless flow of the work and the wealth and variety of content and influences. You’ve got synth workouts, jazz cuts, funk, moody and haunting classical sounds. Everything and the kitchen sink, in no time at all. It’s such a strong record, that you’ll need to be able to locate the repeat button prior to use – you’ll be needing it.

To check out this record, hit play above or click HERE