Pools – Innertubes


I discovered Innertubes by Pools in the summer, at a time when the warm grooves were apt. However, I have at last picked this one up on mp3 having been unable to afford the vinyl (Sad, I know). All the while I’ve had the record in mind though as the artist have the full album mixed together as a track on Soundcloud, interrupted by some frankly daft Barry White vocal samples. To my delight, the actual album is stripped of these recordings and presents itself as a medley of House, downtempo and groove tracks along with the added bonus of some straight dancefloor focused remixes.

The record opens with an intro before unfolding into the folds of deepness in ‘Lil Triceratops’. From there, the album is followed by in my opinion its weakest track ‘Power Questing‘ but then I’ve never been a fan of pitched up vocals. ‘Sew Brand New‘ chills the groove back down again and then the laidback seventies vibes of ‘Penwick Pool‘ follow. After this, the album’s stand-out track ‘One Of Thees Daze‘ sets about its business with warm keys, strings, brass stabs and vocals. ‘Spread Lurve‘ is the next cut, powered by a wonderful bassline – I’m not sure of the history of the sampling here but I can tell that its content is similar to Lenny Fontana’s ‘Spread Love’. ‘Tubin‘ follows with some rattling bells and deep rhodes before a disco groove filters in. The slumped downtempo beats of ‘3rd Eye‘ and then the low-slung funk of ‘Urrday Pool‘ conclude the record. It is then followed by a host of remixes – the picks of the bunch would be the reworks from Thatmanmonkz and Luvless. Innertubes is one of the finest albums of its kind this year and I’m glad I’ve been able to grab a copy.

To check it out, click the image above or HERE