Slow Clinic – The Things I Leave Behind

It seems like forever since the Audio Gourmet netlabel released one of their free EPs – we have to delve back to the beginning of the year to find the Polaroid Notes EP and in Slow Clinic’s The Things I Leave Behind, this is the label’s second release.

That said, the inactivity shows no sign of the label calling it a day, as they have recently updated their website and seem to be focusing on other projects such as sister labels Tessellate and the newly formed Whitelabrecs.

This Slow Clinic EP is a follow up for British artist James Armstrong to his EPs on Somehow and Vent and already you’ll agree that it’s amongst some of the stand-out releases on Audio Gourmet. Beautifully reflective drones are adorned with location based field recordings and simply stunning guitar work all mastered by Fraser McGowan

To check it out, hit play above or click HERE to go to the release page and download for free.