E and I – The Colour Of Sound

Eilean have become one of the mainstay labels of the modern Ambient music scene over the last year or so, with pretty much every one of their hand-assembled releases selling out. They’ve managed to attract some excellent artists to the roster such as Dag Rosenqvist, Offthesky, Wil Bolton and Aaron Martin as well as select some emerging artists with equal quality, most notably Twigs and Yarn, Phi Bui and Yadayn.
Their latest record is the collaboration of Emmanuel Witzthum and Craig Tattersall (Hood, The Remote Viewer) which sees a strings and Ambience led 2 disc epic perhaps a little reminiscent of Craig’s work with Bill Seaman. This duo collaborated previously under the name E and I on Craig’s Cotton Goods imprint and this is some of their first music released for around 3 years. It’s a beautiful collection of rustic Ambient drones with the strings eroded by dusty tape effects. There are pieces clocking in at 20 minutes and shorter pieces to punctuate them – all in all this is a fine production that comes with our highest recommendation.