ICP020 Irregular Crates Podcast 020

It’s been forever since we put up a show on our Mixcloud account – last year in fact! So we thought we’d invite DJ/Producer Magnofon to hit record and spin some vinyl. Magnofon has been producing House music under this alias since 2013 after being reunited with his record collection and he has a dormant DJ career that spans back to the mid 2000s when he played alongside the likes of JT Donaldson, Fred Everything and the Inland Knights to name but a few.

His taste in House music is incredibly broad with super-deep slow House, chilled Jazzy House and percussive Tech House being just a few of the styles he could cover in a set. His mix for Irregular Crates covers a heavier Techy territory but with a little moody Deep House here and there. It was recorded using vinyl records and a pair of Technics 1210s and kicks off with some tracky Deep cuts by the likes of Homepark, Nick Lawson before traversing its way onto mid 2000s Tech House cuts from Mastiksoul and Mass G.

In terms of what’s planned on the horizon for Magnofon, his label Warehouse Decay has been dormant for some time with no planned releases, although he assures us it is definitely not due to close. Production-wise Magnofon tends to record off-the-cuff so there will likely be more House tracks uploaded to his Soundcloud page.


01. Homepark – Fall Down On Me
02. Nick Lawson – Seen This
03. Orazio Fantini – On Hold
04. Malin Genie – Boter
05. JMF – Call Me Sally
06. Hugo LX – Untitled (Paris Kept It Moving)
07. Jamie Trench – She Likes To Play
08. Danielle Temperilli and Stooge Wilson – Bamboo Torture
09. John Dimas – Donkey Clone
10. Sek – Fauxpology
11. Ortella – Panty Dropper
12. Reda Dare – We Used To
13. Stooge Wilson – Nxsty
14. Steve Frisco – Can Wait
15. Mastiksoul – Kalimia
16. Mr KS and Rhythm and Soul – Interference
17. Mass G – What Now
18. Chris Carrier – House Music
19. Dealer’s Choice – Beautiful You