Benedict Schlepper-Connolly – The Weathered Stone

We were recently alerted to an album by Irish composer Benedict Schlepper-Connolly with ‘The Weathered Stone‘, out now on Ergodos on vinyl and digital formats. The album is a four piece suite of Modern Classical composition, as Benedict is joined by a host of musicians. It opens with the title track, a 20+ minute piece which begins with light, high piano notes before being joined by strings. The track twists and turns and serves as the perfect introduction to this sound. It is followed by ‘A View From Above‘ with plucked notes and dramatic strings before moving onto my personal favourite, the shorter and sleepy ‘Beekeepers‘, which includes vocals, strings and slower piano notes. This one has more of a Folk feel to it. The album closes with something that flows aptly on from this, with ‘Field‘ which has an almost John Cage like quality to it in the piano playing, as to me it recalls ‘In A Landscape’ (an all-time favourite!). The sleepiness in this piece turns more dramatic as the piano notes quicken, joined by beautiful strings.

This is a very strong modern classical work, inspired by old maps, memory and importantly – landscapes. It feels like a fresh, outdoor record – perfect for Autumn and the colder months ahead. Highly recommended.