Moss Covered Technology – Speicherbank

More exquisite output from the always consistent Eilean Recs and in their latest record which is by Moss Covered Technology, they show again that they’re keen to push boundaries with the style of music they release. You get some labels which have a signature sound, then you get some that will release pretty much anything and things get a little blurred – with Eilean, they are of course an experimental label and have traversed Ambient drone territory, modern classical works and more electronica influenced material.

The label send us every release and we’d love to support them by writing about all of their records – however, time is always a constraint and we can’t guarantee posts (hence Irregular crates). In Speicherbank by Moss Covered Technology (Greig Baird) we have an accomplished and expansive selection of sounds that straddle the Ambient and Electronica genres well – I guess this is what they used to call IDM and a comparison to Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works is an obvious starting point, and that’s no bad thing! The record was mastered by Greig’s compatriot Fraser McGowan and includes field recordings taken in and around Devon over the last two years. The key to this record is the placement of tracks, as it stays from being straight up Ambient in the sense that there is a variation of sounds that will retain your interest; low key moments of drones could be followed by Trip Hop rhythms or muddier soundscapes and tape saturated experiments.