Uffe – No!

We loved Uffe’s Radio Days from last year on Tartelet and we were immediately hooked when we got wind of their latest album ‘No!‘, out now on Tartelet. The album was filed under Jazz/Fusion which was intriguing – a play of the samples certainly reveals a jazziness as expected, but this record is literally oozing with influences. This is an example of true artistry as Uffe Christensen fuses elements of Jazz and Funk with Deep House, Electronica and Bass production. It opens with a long mid-tempo drum loop in the short title track ‘No!‘ and before long, the dub snare and soulful guitar and wailing violin of ‘Fridge Magnet‘ recall artists such as Amon Tobin or Bonobo.Next To You‘ sees the violin take centre stage, joined with congas and piano. Then, our absolute favourite piece: ‘Jump Into‘ has a beautiful and bass combination atop a House groove and piano hook, which really is something special. Some bass influences follow in ‘Solo, So Loud‘, ‘The Fact‘ and ‘You Seem Happy‘. Before the beautiful ‘From Me‘ slows things down to gripping effect to close this top-drawer album.