You’re Me – Plant Cell Division

I’ve recently had some time without my iPod as my long-serving device of 7 years had popped its clogs at last. This week I’ve managed to get a replacement and have been scouring for some recent releases to add to it along with my collection.
I spent a couple of hours digging around and one such discovery was ‘Plant Cell Division‘ by Canadian artists You’re Me after trawling through the back catalog of the 1080 label.. It was filed under Deep House although I must say whilst there is a hint of this, it has more to do with the micro sound and Ambient scenes than anything. This duo’s sound is muddied, textured and electronic as swathes of warm drones are joined by hiss, subtle blips and percussion, bass rolls and some light noise. The cover artwork is utterly striking which is reflected in the title – little is made of a concept despite this, which is in many ways refreshing for the reflecting ‘Ambient’ listener – you can just dream up the theme as you sink into these sounds.