Simeon Walker – Preface

Simeon Walker’s ‘Preface’ brings the cinematic and subtle carefully together. The debut offering shares a gentle collection of works for upright piano that peacefully flow together from start to finish. ‘Preface’ stirs senses of reflection and melancholy that I find inseparable from the changing season at the time of writing. The recordings are delicate, and Walker’s playing is honest and inviting, which creates a deeply personal listening journey from the very beginning. Perfectly suited to 1631 Recordings’ ever growing discography of modern classical, the debut release of this Leeds based pianist rests amongst a truly inspiring catalogue of artists. Where ‘Eulogy’ creates sombre undertones, the following ‘Awake’ is uplifting and encouraging. I favour the closing track, ‘Compline’. It provides a beautiful conclusion to a thoroughly warm and welcoming musical journey; one that I am eager to hear.