Ignatz – The Drain

Quite often I’ll peruse the best selling or what’s new pages on the Bandcamp site, in search of something a bit different. I tend to look through quite a few genres such as Ambient, Electronic, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Modern Classical and indeed, Folk. One of my latest discoveries and something I’ve not been able to put down this week is Ignatz‘ ‘The Drain‘ on Kraak.

The title doesn’t exactly draw you in although what’s in a name? However, the cover artwork combined with the first few moments of Bram Devens’ guitar playing instantly won me over. This Belgian musician restricts the sounds on this record to just guitar and voice, with languid late-night songs refraining from being too loud or obvious. This sits within the Folk genre, but there’s plenty of blues influence and dare I say, Nick Drake too.
All in all, it’s a gentle record that will undoubtedly draw comparisons to other talented guitarists with Drake being at the top of the list – however, it plays out as background music on the most part, full of warm, subtle charm.