Book Of Air – Vvolk

I stumbled across this record on Granvat by Book Of Air after it was made available on Boomkat this week. The record came out in June and is available via Bandcamp, so of course I supported the label directly and grabbed these two longform drone pieces. The work is a goliath production featuring some 18 musicians with instruments including double bass, saxophone and harmonium to name but a few. With so many artists sharing the sound space in these compositions, it is fascinating to listen to the great restrain and carefully built soundscapes that these people create.

Vvolk follows Fieldtone from late last year and deploys similarly striking artwork, this time provided by John Thai. However, the most thought provoking imagery I’ve seen around Book Of Air is of a concert hall where the musicians play to a slumped out audience, many with their sleeping bags. With sleep in mind, this record is one that already I find myself reaching for at night in the same way that I have with Janek Schaefer’s ‘Lay-by Lullaby’. Soundwise, they are worlds apart as Vvolk is much more tonal, thanks to all of the instruments used – yet both records are utterly lulling.
What’s more, Vvolk is equally impressive when listening during the daytime when a more conscious listen allows you to focus on all of the beautiful intricacies. Highly recommended.