Covarino/Incorvaia – Perugia

We’ve been sent a promo copy of one of the latest records to hit UK, formerly Polish label Preserved Sound. ‘Perugia‘ sees the pairing of drummer Francesco Covarino and guitarist Alessandro Incorvaia as they met at a studio in Granada, Spain and set about recording with just one rule: to play live, with no post-treatment, overdubs or anything else. The sound is unmistakably post-rock, recalling Tortoise, Mogwai et al. However, with the addition of a double bass player the sound is given another dimension.

Preserved Sound originally got a name for themselves having put out a string of excellent modern classical influenced records, however they curate with an open mind and have veered down more electronic or Ambient avenues. Adding this live, post-rock rooted record is another string to their bow and a wonderfully executed  album at that, with plenty of variation. The whole thing sounds fresh and as much as there is a hint of Ambient, it really is a conscious listen that will demand your attention.