Various Artists – Illuminations (DRONARIVM)

Where to begin with a compilation containing the works of such a vast and varied collection of artists? ‘Illuminations’ is a free compilation pieces together by Moscow based independent label DRONARIVM to welcome and celebrate 2017 – a year already proving itself with a wide and exciting range of musical releases like no other I can remember. To pick out individuals as highlights from ‘Illuminations’ would be an impossible task, each track bringing a uniqueness and dedication to detail and craft that I find in all releases from the label. Amongst the impressive list of contributors, I notice many names that appear on my shelves on CD or cassette tape; names remembered from my earliest explorations into what I will hesitantly generalise as contemporary ambient music; and, a handful of newcomers as far as my own listening palette stretches. Throughout the compilations, the sounds of nature, warped field recordings, synthesized and organic tones, glitches, rumbles, and impassioned textures can be heard. Each artist and track represents a distinctive identity, whilst remaining within and representing a vibrant community that I am privileged to be a part of. Rather than promoting my own conclusions, I invite the listener to explore each and every delicate moment within this compilation, from start to finish.