Cormac – Nobscot

For a measly dollar you can bag a copy of the latest release from Boston, Massachusets based Hip Hop producer Cormac, curiously entitled ‘Nobscot’. This one’s full of fine material with the loops allowed to play out and develop a little longer than the usual 1 minute 30 seconds or so. The artist appears active since last year with previous album ‘Boreal’ and a few singles hitting the dedicated Bandcamp page and this latest offering is truly excellent.

It kicks off with the guitar noodlings of ‘Home’, setting the tone nicely before another stand-out piece ‘down the rabbit hole’ follows with some neat beat programming and synth work, plenty of variation in the groove. ‘Reflect’ is another beltingly good track, with its piano keys looping nostalgically. ‘Noir’ is another solid piece, the groove here is classic nineties sounding Hip Hop breaks and organ samples.

Overall, this is a neat package with no weak tracks or off moments, the track lengths are a little longer making for a proper album experience that you’ll be likely to enjoy in full, time and time again.