Five Queries With… 001: Joel Garden

We’ve dreamed up a new feature on Irregular Crates called ‘Five Queries With…’, a series where we’ll catch up with artists, friends and labels alike by asking five questions. The questions will vary and may be recycled and it will serve as a bit of an insight into whatever that person’s up to at the time, who their influenced by and how they work.

First of all then, we welcome Canadian beatmaker Joel Garden whose EP ‘r0t’ we featured in a mini review this week…

IC: Hi Joel, no sooner have we featured your EP in a short review, you’ve a new album out! What can you tell us about this?
JG: Omni is a record compiled of a bunch of tracks I made in a pretty short period of time. All around a 1 month period with a few older tracks sprinkled in there. It is really just me trying to make the most interesting sounding tracks out of the records I buy. I wish I could provide some super cool or extremely intelligent response about what the album “means” but it really is just tracks that sounded good to me and seemed to fit well together. Nothing forced. I really like working like that. Just empty, no expectations.

IC: How was the album made? What sort of gear did you use?
JG: The album was made with a pretty basic set-up; Records, turntables, Sp404, computer, and a minibrute for touch ups and other weird shit. I enjoy working with less. I find you become more in tune with what you’re doing or what your hearing. Really hone in on the records you’re listening to and finding little pieces to use because that’s really all you have to work with. Also I think there Is something to be said about working quickly. Not over analyzing or being to hard on yourself. If t sounds good to you its probably all right. I don’t spend all day tweaking tracks. I get them down and add what I think is dope and say that’s it. If its wack its wack. If its cool its cool.

IC: Tell us about the artwork – who made it? What’s it about?
JG: The art was done by Kristen Bromiley who works at Ghost Club Records. I gave her carte blanche to do her thing and I think she represented the vibe of the album pretty well. No straight lines and a bunch of alternative routes that end up in the same spot. Some little black dot.

IC: Who are your influences – musical and otherwise?
JG: To name my musical influences would be next to impossible. I really like guys like Flying Lotus and all of Brainfeeder and pretty much the whole Stones Throw roster but I really depend on the records I’m listening to for inspiration. There is just so much stuff out there that isn’t on the internet yet and buying a record just because it looks cool, taking it home, and loving it is the most inspiring thing.

IC: Do you perform live in any way?
JG: I perform live using the SP404 and sometimes get a friend of mine to jump in and play drums. Its all usually very improvisational and we just roll with whatever feels right. I haven’t had the chance to perform in a while nor have I really actively been seeking shows. I have really just been making music. But getting out and doing some shows is definitely something I’d like to work on in 2017

To listen to or download Omni by Joel Garden, click HERE or on the image below