William Ryan Fritch – Birkitshi – Eagle Hunters In A New World

Lost Tribe Sound appear to have a landmark year ahead of them and we’ll be featuring this label more frequently throughout the year. Label boss Ryan Keane sent us a couple of their most recent releases which will both just floor you. This evening we’ll cover William Ryan Fritch’s ‘Birkitshi – Eagle Hunters In A New World’, which sees Fritch, an accomplished musician and instrument collector (lookout for the images/videos!), put together a truly enthralling suite of ethnic tracks in the form of an album available digitally and on CD and Vinyl.

Fritch is a long-time collaborator with Lost Tribe Sound and has featured prominently in their catalog, returning to release much of his work through the imprint. In recent years, his talent has naturally lent itself to films and short documentaries and this is the case with his latest work, having teamed up once more with GoPro to produce a soundtrack to a documentary on Mongolia. The world is shrinking, or so they say with culture and society changing with the pressures of the modern world in increasingly unlikely destinations. Mongolia is a nation steeped in age old traditions and ways of life however, its cities are seeing rapid growth which throws into question, whether this way of life could be threatened? The landscape remains a vast and desolate spectacle and Fritch sets about using traditional Mongolian instrumentation to weave an utterly enveloping story of eagle hunters.

Whilst it is often a cliche to look back upon the latest work by an artist and brandish it as ‘their best yet’, again we find ourselves pondering these thoughts with William Ryan Fritch. There’s a real confidence and ambitious nature to his playing and composition.

To listen for yourself, hit play above and prepare to be amazed. Alternatively, you can click HERE to visit the release page.