Camillo – Sunday Sea

Our relentless scour of the dishevelled downtempo world of instrumental Hip Hop brings us to the sleepy sounds of Camillo from Ulm, Germany. The artist’s debut ‘Sunday Sea‘ is a selection of tape-eroded beats, laced full of hiss, crackle and jazziness. The pieces begin with a subtly glitching groove that is just beautiful; ‘Birds‘ which is then followed by the dusty piano and pitched down voice stabs of ‘Runing Sand‘ followed by the stop/start vinyl guitar grooveJumping Water‘. ‘Laughing Gull‘ is adorned with field recordings and a nostalgic groove, ‘Goby and Ice‘ centres around a catchy piano hook and ‘Dying Fish‘ is a touch of melancholy soul. ‘Fallen‘ adds a little synth to the mix, ‘Waiting For Waves‘ introduces rims and cymbal rides with a mysterious percussive arrangement and then ‘Forgotten Life‘ sees a glitched-up cinematic piano hook move this record towards its crescendo.
Swimming Mind‘ has swirling drones and piano glimpses, ‘Tears In The Ocean‘ has an old eighties keyboard aesthetic and then this beautiful record closes, with the laidback sounds of ‘It’s Raining Now