Selffish – He She Them Us

We’ve kept close tabs on the Serein label since before Irregular Crates even began, with us covering early netlabel releases on our old Audio Gourmet blog. Serein are the perfect example of a label that have strived to continue improving themselves. Their humble beginnings as a netlabel have seen Huw Roberts’ imprint expand into physical releases spearheaded by a re-press/adaptation of the outstanding Nest album and they’ve not looked back since. From afar, it seems that every release has been a success which has seen the label continue to improve with Serein releasing material on vinyl as well as compilations, beautiful artwork and an all-round solid roster of artists.

The latest addition to the line-up is a Latvian artist called Andrejs Eigus who records as Selffish and emerged in the netlabel scene in the early 2000s, namely on Thinner.
He She Them Us‘ is a record of unparalleled beauty, with the source inspiration derived from a series of visits and field recordings from the neighbouring countryside of Andrejs’ hometown Riga. Some of the sound source is organic with guitar, grand piano and saxophone being used however, the environments here do have a partially futuristic tone to them. Elements of jazz and ambient music are joined by a fractured electronic, almost IDM aesthetic and this work will appeal to those who enjoyed Boozoo Bajou’s ‘4’, Anenon’s ‘Petrol’ or Ametsub’s ‘All Is Silence’.

‘He She Them Us’ at the time of writing is available for pre-order digitally, on vinyl and CD too. You can check it out by clicking play above or HERE for more information