Sven Weisemann – Separate Paths EP

I’ve been tracking Sven Weisemann’s work for many years and he’s an excellent example of someone at the top of their game, producing quality Dub Techno. The Berlin based artist’s work is typically deep and lushly textured and his latest offering is an EP entitled ‘Separate Paths‘ which is out now on the prolific Delsin Records.

The EP opens with the sublime ‘Dopamine Antagonist‘ which is equal measures Ambient, Dub Techno and Deep House. ‘Cascading Lights‘ sees breakbeats and vintage percussion hits punctuate a melancholy chord arrangement that progresses to some hauntingly beautiful synth work. ‘Maori Octopus‘ continues along the lines of vintage dance synths which sees the return of dubby key stabs in its second half. The title track concludes this records at a slower pace as brooding deep synths squirm their way over some downtempo beats in an enveloping fashion. This could be described as the highlight of this solid EP and whilst it’s unlikely this record will land on your average underground dancefloor due to its Ambient nature, it is nevertheless another truly outstanding piece of in Weisemann’s discography and a real work of art.

Check it out by hitting play above or clicking HERE to visit Sven Weisemann’s dedicated Bandcamp page.