North Atlantic Drift – Departures Vol.1

Polar Seas Recordings have released North Atlantic Drift’s new offering in the guise of ‘Departures Vol 1.‘ And just like the collective term of the Arctic Ocean, this wonderful album floats like an iceberg; small on top but mighty underneath. In the opening track ‘Temperance‘ your journey begins: as you follow the path of nerve stimulating Ambience, the album becomes more and more organic, reaching out for you to slowly embrace this world of sound. I won’t tell a story for each track as that would spoil it for the listener, but as a whole this sunset rising, hair tingling, natural springs, fresh breeze of an album is a delightful story one must experience.

With hints of Celer, Loscil and a little sprinkle of Eno, your mind and your soul will thank you. Departures Vol 1. is a beautiful piece of work – grab it, listen and create the scene of your life as this is without a doubt a soundtrack of life.