Dino Spiluttini – To Be A Beast

Recently we were sent the new record from Austria-based artist Dino Spiluttini whose latest offering has emerged on Cut Surface. Our writer Net (Edward Trethowan) had to sit this one out having written the press release, not to mention that Ed’s bias towards Dino’s sound extends to having released work from this artist on his TVEI imprint.

In ‘To Be A Beast‘ we have a collection of shortish pieces ranging from just over a minute in their shortest and at their longest, almost six minutes. The work here is filmic yet not in the modern classical sense – think more along the lines of a thriller, as the stirring and fractured drones evoke an emotional response. There is a violence to the record in the title and in the over-compression of certain sounds that create a prickly bed of distortion and overdrive. However, the violence is all the while underpinned by a fragile beauty. There isn’t a clearly etched concept to this body of work which will allow the listener to interpret these pieces (or frames, as I like to call them) for themselves.