Robert Farrugia – Slow Morning

A gradual and euphoric crescendo is reached, a deep and thudding pulse momentarily displaces dense walls of layered synth tones, and off-beat rhythms disorientate in intriguing fashion; all of which taking place within the albums opening track, ‘Currents’. Robert Farrugia’sSlow Morning’ achieves glistening highs, and rumbling lows that go far beyond a simple listening experience, and evolve into a deeply immersive listening experience. The third track, from which the album takes its title, welcomes humble piano playing, with the ever-pleasant of recorded rainfall, showcasing some of the album’s lighter moments. Farrugia also delves towards the more intense and had-hitting areas of ambient music with the introduction of strict band bass-heavy beats (track four, ‘Pulses’), creating stark contrast from the gentle progressions heard minutes earlier. The only complaint is that the track doesn’t last long enough, as ‘Pulses’ could continue endlessly. The decision to exchange between the lighter and darker tracks in sequence may first appear somewhat unconventional, but serves as a guarantee of listener focus and surprise, especially during the first listen. The album feels relaxed and loosely crafted without becoming uncertain, and avoids any restriction by remaining almost free flowing throughout. The album’s seventh track, ‘Coastal’ stands out as it possesses the duration desired by many others on album. Another fine release on Archives, a label that refuses to compromise on delivering new music if the highest quality.