Sound Meccano / Jura Laiva – Salty Wind and Inner Fire

Ever wanted to be in a cabin in the forest? Warm fire crackling away, the wind blowing, singing its familiar tune and you’re just starting to fall asleep in a comfy chair next to that fire, maybe a cat on your lap and its purr hypnotising you as you dream of good things from the past. That wonderful soft lullaby your mother used to sing while she went about her ways, the playful youth outside your window in the park, on a still lake watching the birds fly over calling you to do the same, the feeling of being safe, warm, loved and happiness! Welcome to Salty Wind and Inner Fire – 8 parts of wonderful sound exploration a journey we have all taken I’m sure: to daydream, to ponder, to reminisce. This album brings back a kind of sound I have not heard since e:mit days – a big flowing room-filling goodness; perfect.

I’d recommend headphones for this release as it begs for them, or a nice little quiet area and let the journey begin. Favourite track for me is Part VI. Salty Winds and Inner Fire is released on Eilean Records and is a worthy addition to the guitar drone loving music fan’s collection or a fantastic intro for newcomers to the scene to enjoy.

To listen for yourself, hit play above or click HERE to be directed to the release page.