Pemë – Wooded Ghost

Koral Ptach and Wiktor Kurc are Pemë a new offering from Poland and a new offering from Etoka Records. The inspiration for this delightful 5 track EP is Kodama small ghost-like spirits that inhabit trees in Japan, the sounds echoing through the forest in a delayed fashion called “Yamabiko” in some way describes what this EP delivers; nice lush analog pulses with a small House and Dub feel to it. If your expecting samples of Gottan and Koto placed here and there its not going to happen. Ambient beginnings introduce you to an exploration of sound flowing in and out like a cool breeze then it begins to function and form organic yet mechanical, as the two meld perfectly here. Wonderfully mastered by Emanuele Pertoldi and may I dare say great music if you’re stuck in a traffic jam