Ann Annie – ‘Atmospheres vol. 1’

This is mesmerising. ‘Atmospheres vol. 1’ is the stunning debut album by Ann Annie, delivering a wide range of synthesized atmospherics and exploration into the depths of modular synthesis. We have seen a rise in the popularity of modular synthesis in recent years, becoming somewhat fashionable in many areas of experimental music, and Ann Annie’s contribution to the growing availability of music production shrouded in mystery to many emerges as truly outstanding. Although the sonic grounds covered on this release are vast and expansive, the common pitfalls of unstructured randomness are avoided, and a more accessible listening experience is presented. The album’s second track, ‘Valley Textures’, highlights the unexpected of the analogue medium delightfully, and is also supported by a video revealing its creation (see below). One comparable listen that comes to mind is the initial experimentations of modular synthesis from Brighton-based Carter’s ‘Repeating/Patterns’. Towards the end of the album, a more traditional approach to electronic music is welcomed in ‘Margot’ and ‘Lighthouse’; without overwhelming, ‘four to the floor’ drum patterns appear and bring a steadiness as subtle and warm synth tones relax behind. The album draws to a close with ‘Japanese Snow’ – a peaceful ending to a gorgeous debut offering, leaving as gently as it first entered. ‘Atmospheres vol. 1’ is available in a limited run of cassettes as well as digital download as of September 8th via the Modular Fields label.