Lofield – Bird Watching EP

‘Bird Watching’ is the latest EP in a string of self-released ambient music by New Jersey-based experimental artist, Lofield. The EP is sparse and minimalist, conjuring a likeness to the reductionist music of Loscil, Celer and Stars of the Lid. Littered with textural fragments; distant environmental backdrops and flutters of wildlife combined with the abstracted and non-descript sounds of movement. ‘Bird Watching’ trades progression and structure, and in doing so, creates a stunning sense of hopeful, momentary calm. The subtle drones and stereo-spanning pulses that make up the EP’s first track,


‘Below the Clouds’, reveal an artist who understands how to establish an immersive sonic landscape for their listener; the long ‘Migrating South’ continues with a soothing synth pad, slowly modulating within itself as the ambiguity of processed and unrecognisable sound snippets dart from side to side. ‘Bird Watching’ is deeply meditative and intriguing, providing the listener with a restful accompaniment without the risk of losing interest.

The ‘Bird Watching’ EP can be purchased direct from Lofield via his Bandcamp page, released February 24th.