Fading Language – Vessels of Time

Another recommendation following an open call on Twitter (@slowclinic) for new music to be reviewed, Fading Language’s ‘Vessels of Time’ was brought to my attention. Fading Language is the musical alias of New Jersey’s Anthony LoPrete, who delicately crafts cinematic electronic music in a style I associate with chillstep – dubstep’s more thoughtful and less abrasive offshoot. Although a vast majority of my reviews focus on ambient and drone music, a lot of my background listening is actually provided by chillstep mixes and podcasts; LoPrete has provided a refreshing and unexpected listen for me to write about. What first steals my focus is the detail of soundscapes that LoPrete has included in his music. For example, the album’s second track, ‘Errance for a Flame’ opens with a beautiful field recording of crisp rainfall, complementing the fluid piano part that enters soon after, bridging the artist’s work to the emotive movements of the modern and neo-classical music released today. Sweetened by vintage recorded monologues, a sense of narrative is brought to the already moving sounds displayed.

‘The Light Betwixt the Brook’, supported by a distant rumbling of a thunder storm, continues Fading Language’s feature music quality, with subtle orchestral elements and synthetic textures underpinning what feels like auditory serenity. Steadily moving beats return in ‘Micros’, sounded by the reverberant piano and wide-spreading keyed instruments. Throughout the album, short interludes appear; atmospheric passages of synths and field recordings titled ‘Tomorrow; Never’, ‘Yesterday; Always’, and ‘Today; Ever’ as tracks 3, 6, and 9 respectively. These are somewhat of a highlight for me while listening, as the shorter duration without sacrificing quality allows LoPrete to build anticipation.


‘Recover’ demonstrates a more genre-typical, cinematic vibe complete with rumbling sub-bass lines, melancholic anti-climaxes, and euphoric drops. Following, the album’s eighth track ‘Macros’ drops the listener far into the depths of the creative sound design LoPrete is capable of and will provide regular followers of Irregular Crates with a familiar soundscape. To round off this lengthy coverage, I insist the ‘A Memory to Lay Waste To’ is the stand out track, drawing the album to a beautiful and sombre close; channelling the best elements of ambience and serenity into a sound truly epic.


Fading Language – ‘Vessels of Time’ is out on Insight Music, available on a beautifully packaged CD with UV printing, and also as a digital download.