M. Rahn – Paradise Is Closed

Sven Laux has just launched his new label Seasides On Postcards and the inaugural release is from compatriot M. Rahn, entitled Paradise Is Closed. It’s a digital only release, featuring the Dub Electronica Soundscaping that Rahn has carefully woven across a journey through 9 tracks. Fans of Fluxion, Martin Schulte or Rod Modell should enjoy this one but fans of cinematic or deep Ambient music should also enjoy the synth drones that are aplenty throughout.

There are plenty of quieter, reflective moments, rich in detail as they unfold but these moods are also adorned with subtle beats at times. The concept of this record is loose and undefined, hinting at a flawed search for the perfect world. Perhaps in modern society, that paradise is indeed closed? One of life’s challenges however is whether you can dream of an optimism that might propel you to at least search for it – and the sounds within Rahn’s work here are both thought provoking and probing, as delayed synth keys, swirls, beeps and whooshes draw out a soundtrack in your mind. This is an album experience, but when pressed for a standout track, I’d have to select the title track which places a warm, fuzzy drone alongside muted exotic percussion and noise echoes.

This one’s highly recommended and it’ll be interesting to keep an eye on this new label, to see what Sven plans to release in the future. You can check out Paradise Is Closed by hitting play above or clicking HERE