Seabuckthorn – A House With Too Much Fire

Last week I was alerted to this new release by Seabuckthorn, who has been working recently with the impressive Lost Tribe Sound imprint. Guitarist Andy Cartwright has joined French labels Bookmaker and La Cordillere in a label collaboration release, with Andy having already regularly featured on the former for a few records.

A House With Too Much Fire is a neatly packaged 10 track album, of course with Cartwright’s signature guitar as a staple ingredient but here, he weaves in beautifully worked detail in the form of banjo, clarinet and synthesizer. The record is very listenable, not falling into the trap of feeling repetitive but whilst carrying a familiar thread throughout. It’ll hold your interest for a complete listen, despite its Ambient moments and that’s where the real strength of the album lies; you’ll reach for this one time and time again as you’ll know every track is thoroughly well put together and will never fail to disappoint.

You can check it out by clicking play above, or HERE