From The Mouth Of The Sun – Sleep Stations

Ever since Experimedia revealed this collaboration between Dag Rosenqvist and Aaron Martin back in 2012, I’ve been tracing this duos work as From The Mouth Of The Sun as well as continuing to support their respective solo work. Last year Hymn Binding on Lost Tribe Sound was a particular highlight and now the same label has packaged up their follow-up EP ‘Sleep Stations’ available on cassette or as a download now as a pre-order.

A mere 15 tapes remain in stock at the time of writing as this widely supported duo make light work of the label’s short run of 100 copies.

I’m particularly immersed in sleep music myself as it happens, with both recording, listening and research so I was excited by the title of this album, envisaging a record that would nod me off in no time. However, it’s a credit to the artists here that their work is far too beautiful to simply become background drift music. There are however some truly lulling moments however, not least the panning synth swirls and soft rain sounds of About The Life Of Stars which follows the melancholy Modern Classical of the opening two pieces. The title track follows, a good 30 seconds of distant static and hum open this one out, giving way to fuzzy horn expressions; a snoozy delight. Maybe this is sleep music after all? Martin’s strings build to a crescendo towards the second half to bring you back to consciousness. This effect really drives home in the following piece About The Death Of Stars as piano and strings build and build to dramatic effect. The record closes on a more positive but fragile note in A Place We Cannot See.

This one’s another excellent moment in the Lost Tribe catalog and yet more exquisite work by From The Mouth Of The Sun – highly recommended.