Welcome to Irregular Crates – a music blog and podcast series. From time to time, we’ll post up news of our musical discoveries as well as our own mixes and shows where we may also feature special guests from time to time.

Irregular Crates was born as an extension of the Audio Gourmet blog run by Harry Towell which was set up back in 2007, as a portal for experimental music. Harry set up Irregular Crates in 2013 and due to an influx of submissions, further writers have been drafted in to keep things moving. Irregular Crates consists of Harry Towell, James Armstrong, Chris Dooks, Ed Trethowan and James Osland

There is no regularity to either the music or the frequency of posts and we keep things short and sweet with our writing. The whole aim is to share our musical discoveries in the hope that we can support the experimental music scene.

Check out our home page for regular updates about the EPs, albums and musical news we discover or take a listen to our shows/mixes HERE