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Pemë – Wooded Ghost


Koral Ptach and Wiktor Kurc are Pemë a new offering from Poland and a new offering from Etoka Records. The inspiration for this delightful 5 track EP is Kodama small ghost-like spirits that inhabit trees in… Continue reading

Sound Meccano / Jura Laiva – Salty Wind and Inner Fire


Ever wanted to be in a cabin in the forest? Warm fire crackling away, the wind blowing, singing its familiar tune and you’re just starting to fall asleep in a comfy chair next to… Continue reading

North Atlantic Drift – Departures Vol.1


Polar Seas Recordings have released North Atlantic Drift’s new offering in the guise of ‘Departures Vol 1.‘ And just like the collective term of the Arctic Ocean, this wonderful album floats like an… Continue reading